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After-sales service


The company has passed the ISO9001:2015 international quality management system certification, and all products have obtained the EU CE certification.

Our company attaches great importance to the absorption of technical talents, employees with college degree or above account for 30%, and cooperation with colleges and universities research and development of new and high technology projects.

The company advocates technological innovation, has set up a product design and research and development institutions, and has been identified as a provincial technology research and development center, has a large number of design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning of engineering and technical personnel with rich experience. For many years, I have been closely tracking and grasping the development trend of carton packaging machinery products at home and abroad, and have a deep understanding of carton packaging machinery products at home and abroad. With the pursuit of efficient production equipment and humanized design as the main line of research and development, we constantly apply a large number of new technologies and processes to our products.


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