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Printing units

can be chosen according to users' needs

Printing Paperboard

A.B.C.E flute  3/5/7 ply corrugated paperboard

Machine Speed

140 /min

Max. Paper Size

1800×3000 mm

Max. Printing Size


Max. die cutting size


Min. Paper Sizes

Positive knife450×680mm; inverse knife 450×760mm

Printing-plate adjustment
left and right position


Standard Printing Plate Thickness


Cardboard thickness


Max. Slitting corner width


Max. stack height




1、Control system: PLC controlling, production order can be saved and recalled to save changing time. Memorize system for easy operation and maintenance.

2、Double servo feeding system,each row of feeding wheels is driven by independent servo motor, high precision and low noise, no feeding rollers in feeder to prevent the corrugated wave from damaging.

3、Printing: Adopt famous brand anilox roll and rubber roll to ensure high-quality printing.Doctor blade system is optional,high printing quality,easy washing,ink saving.

4、Slotter: computerized set the box length, width and box height, fast and convenient.

5、Die cutter: independent engine drive controlled by KEB servo system from Germany to ensure the die cutting accuracy. Surface speed compensation system. Die cylinder shifts when running to prolong the life of rubber anvil.

6、Gears are made of Material 20CrMoTi alloy steel, heat treated and grinded to ensure the high stability and precision.

7、Bearings and electrical components are all famous brand in the world.


Introduction to the lead feeder:

1、Double servo feeding system with independent suction fan.1.each row of wheels is driven by independent servo motor. set the feeding width in the computer, the feeding wheels start up synchronously but stop one by one till the entire sheet is feeded into the second feeding box. The second feeding box is also driven by servo motor. It starts with main engine and always keep the same speed with printing. no feeding rolls in the feeder to protect the corrugated flute from damaging.

2、Dust cleaning device: Dilated brush can clean the dust on surface of corrugated board to improve the printing quality.

3、Side stop is motorized control. Flapping device to make the sheet pile in good shape.

4、Control system

A.All the information can be showed and adjusted in the main touchscreen. The phase of each unit, box height can be setted in the main touchscreen,

B.Memory system: Production orders can be saved and recalled to save changing time.

C.Ink alarm system, the buzzer sounds when the printing unit be lack of ink.



Introduction to printing unit:

1、Memory system for easy operation and maintenance.(This system can help to remember position of printing cylinder when operator stop the machine and open it to adjustment on printing plate. After finishing adjustment and close the machine sections, people can use this system to make printing cylinder return to the former position (before stop and open sections).

2、7.0 inch touchscreen on the printing unit,The printing register is computerized control. The printing cylinder is motorized and computerized moved axially(±5mm).

3、Mounting plate system to save the changing plate time. foot switch is used to turn the printing cylinder when mounting the printing plate.

4、The anilox roll lift up and separate from the printing plate automatically when sheets are not feeded. And the anilox roll keep running when lifted up to prevent the ink from drying.

5、Self-locking and fast move of the feeding wheels on printing unit.no need to fix the feeding wheels by screws.



Introduction to the slotting unit:

1、Single shaft double knives slotter,7.0 inch touchscreen on the slotter, box height, box length and width are all setted by PLC and can be stored in the computer, saving the changing time.

2、The up knife,lower knife, pre-creaser and creaser are synchronously moved. The precision linear slideway can ensure the flexible and stable of moving.

3、The creaser wheel is coated with rubber anvil to protect the corrugated board from damage.

4、Flexible corner cutting knife can cut 3,5 and 7 ply corrugated board without adjustment.Easy to operate.

5、The cutting knife is made of high quality alloy steel, knife thickness 8mm.

6、Hand hole punching device is optional.



Introduction to the die cutting unit:

1、Independent engine drive controlled by KEB servo system from Germany to ensure the die cutting precision. 

2、Surface speed compensation system, this system can ensure rubber anvil cylinder running at the exact same speed with the die cylinder when the rubber anvil cylinder's diameter becomes smaller after long time using.

3、Die cylinder shifts axially(±42mm)when running so that the cutting knives cuts different position every time on the rubber anvil,which can reduce the damage for the rubber anvil.

4、The Ostin die cutting pad is quick and easy to install and change. The die cutting edge is smooth. The service life is up to 12 million operation cycles,significantly reducing operation costs.

5、A turning tool on the die cutter can repair the rubber anvil which is damaged after long time using.

6、The die cutting phase is controlled by PLC (both in running and stop )and can be stored in the computer.

7、Self-locking and fast move of feeding wheels, no need to fix it with screws.


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